A scrapbook on the web says "This scrapbook has not been fully uploaded."

If the link to your scrapbook on the web is returning an error saying it has not been fully uploaded, there are two possibilities:

  1. The scrapbook was visited while it was in the process of being uploaded, and just needs a few moments to finish before it's viewable on the web. In this case simply refresh your browser to view it after a few minutes.


  1. The Keepsayk upload was stopped or the app was shut down before the update was complete. In this case, the creator may need to make a small change such as tapping to change a layout, then re-share the scrapbook, taking care not to close the app while the status message in the share window says "preparing" or "uploading". This issue may occur more frequently in older models of iPad and will be addressed in an upcoming app update.
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