What are my privacy options?

Currently in Keepsayk, scrapbooks are the only vehicle for sharing personal information. That personal information can include photos, videos and text information. Realize that personal information could include your information; that of your friends and family; and even personal information of people you don't know. Please respect others' privacy and act responsibly when sharing your scrapbooks. A few details about scrapbook privacy settings:

  • The default setting for scrapbooks is private
  • Your scrapbooks are private by default unless you change your privacy settings
  • If you change your privacy settings to “Protected”, you can share via email or text and set a password that’s required to view your scrapbook
  • If you change your privacy settings to “Public” you can share with the whole world via email, text or social media
  • At any time you can decide to change your scrapbook passwords and change your scrapbooks from public to private.
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